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my life - starring myself [finally]
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2008 breakdown 
31st-Dec-2008 10:21 am
so i always do this end of the year recap thingy. it's so strange when you see your year broken down into months. new years always makes me a little sad. it's one more year gone where i didn't finish everything i want to accomplish, im older, more responsibility, blahblahblah. i almost dont know what to do with myself now thats it 2009. it seems like time is going so quickly. i was in high school yesterday. oh wait, no i wasn't. that was 8 years ago. wow.
here we go:
january - i got married in vegas. i would say that's note worthy. griffin was also born. these events both took place on the same day. easy to remember!
februrary - this month was just crazy busy because we had just gotten married and were trying to organize life. i remember being extremely stressed during february.
march - ben was born. he's so adorable. also the 7th male in the family to be born since 1983. do you know i'm the last girl this family produced and that was 25 years ago? maybe we stopped at perfection. HA!
april - my dad turned 60. or we called it the 10 anniversary of his 50th birthday. grandpa also started getting a lot weaker. brett's mom also came alone to visit, which was insanely fun - not that i don't love ron.
may - grandpa died. :-( on mother's day. i tunred a quarter of a century old.
june - house hunting ensused like you would not believe. i also started a COMPLETELY new job.
july - we closed on our house. our very first house. it was so scary!!!
august - i spent most of this month working like an effing dog on the house and then we FINALLY got to move in!
september -  i was gone every weekend of this month and it was crazy. spent some time with brett's family and whatnot. we also had a flood in the house. which resulted in all of our august work being ripped up and started over.
october - more work on the house. does it ever end? no. work started getting more insane.
november - we went to Texas for Thanksgiving which was an absolute blast. my gram's also turned 93. can you believe it???!!!!
december - i hosted my very first christmas. it was so weird! it was fun but it was a lot of work.

that's my year. doesnt seem like much but at the time it seems like my head is swimming with everything going on.
time to finish book 4 of twilight. it's sunny out today and i so wish i could sparkle. peace.
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