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my life - starring myself [finally]
don't forget to be the way you are
im addicted to surf the channel 
21st-Feb-2009 07:45 pm
things have been weird the last few months. really weird.
in the last few days, things have done a complete 180 and now, i am content. it is so strange how things change so fast. but everything is fine. and i am back to lovin life as i was before.
i am realizing how crazy in love with my husband i am. not that i wasn't in love with him when i married him, but i guess im discovering just how deep that goes. i cannot imagine my life without him. i think about it, and it just...isnt there. he really is a part of me, and i just function better now that he is in my life.  he just snapped right in and everything makes more sense and i just...enjoy things more, because i can share them with my best friend. and he really IS my best friend too. how insane is that?
i used to make fun of the saps who told me about that shit. now im one of them. go fuckin figure, right?
oh come on, i couldn't keep it sappy for too long now, could i? *wink*
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